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Zöe Mini Spicy Trio - Zoë Olive Oil Montreal Quebec Canada

Zoë Mini Spicy Trio

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Naga hot sauce - A hot sauce with a wonderful taste of red peppers that ends with a kick of spice. It goes great over absolutely everything and also makes the best Bloody Caesars and Bloody Marys you will ever try.

Tropical hot sauce - Zoë Tropical sauce is a Sweet and spicy sauce with fresh tropical fruits. Pineapple, mango, lime, apple cider vinegar, ginger and brown sugar create a rich, sweet and flavorful sauce. Amazing with Porc,chicken,fish, Seafood. It really can be used anywhere. And everywhere. 

Chili Infused Olive Oil - Our koroneiki olives are gently infused together with our home grown fresh chilis releasing their distinct aromas and oils. The flavours of the spicy chili combined with the peppery freshness of the extra virgin olive oil is delightful. It is especially flavourful with roasted or grilled vegetables, eggs, rice, beans, seafood and chicken. Pairs beautifully with cinnamon, chocolate, and fruits as well.

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