Huile d'olive extra vierge 3 litres

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Notre huile d’olive naturelle est extraite à partir d’olives cultivées dans les collines de Morena en Grèce. La région fournit un climat idéal pour la culture de l’olive Koroneiki, qui crée une huile douce au goût de noisette et une texture de beurre.

L’olive est pressée une seule fois, à une température très basse, et son huile est embouteillée immédiatement. Elle est composée à 100% d'olives Koroneiki qui contiennent la quantité d'antioxydants et de gras mono-insaturés la plus élevée au monde.

Essayez-la de toutes les façons: pour tremper un pain croûte, badigeonner vos pommes de terres ou en vinaigrette pour vos salades.

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Our extra virgin olive oil is made from the Koroneiki olive which is considered the best Greek olive in the world. It is known for its high Polyphenols (antioxidants) and monounsaturated fats as well as the freshest and most balanced tasting oil in the world. The Koroneiki tree originates from the south west region of Messenia, the exact place where Zoë is produced.

Our premium extra virgin olive oil packs a delicious robust flavour and finishes with a peppery zing. It has a beautiful golden green hue, and gives off a subtle aroma of fresh vegetables. Zoë extra virgin olive oil is not blended or filtered. Our Koroneiki olives are handpicked every November while still green and pressed within hours of harvest. This gives our extra virgin olive oil its very low acidity of between 0.2 % to 0.4% maximum every harvest year.

We also ensure the best quality olive oil by keeping our trees very small by pruning. This helps the tree keep all its fruits healthy, so nothing will compromise the final quality and taste of our extra virgin olive oil. Our final process is keeping the watering to a minimum. This gives our extra virgin olive oil its very smooth and creamy texture. One taste and you will see what makes Zoë extra virgin olive oil simply the best.

Use our olive oil in a variety of ways: from a simple bread dip to pouring it into your mashed potatoes or even using it to make homemade ice cream. The possibilities and flavours are endless. 


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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L
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